How to Be Happy With Less

How to Be Happy With Less (& Contented With What You Have)

The reality of life now means being happy with less is out of the picture. Contentment is no longer key. Many people have their life going but the last thing they enjoy is contentment. A lot of people have also forgotten How to Be Happy With Less. It is almost unachievable.

In the fast-paced world now, the more we acquire, the more hunger, the more the burning desire to want more.

In reality, the harder we struggle to acquire the things we do not need, the less contentment we feel. 

The more we own things, the higher our chances of wanting more and more and more and it’s just never enough and never good enough.

Nothing is okay. You find yourself never contented with anything, everything seems as if it’s not just enough.

This is the reality.

It takes a lot of conscious effort to love your life, to love whatever you have in it, and be appreciative.

Societal standards are growing at a tremendous pace and the younger generation is not having it any easier. 

Children are already tasking themself to acquire things that they have no business thinking about at their age.

I have a lot of Gen Z in my life and I have never seen a group of people hungry for material things like the Gen Z. 

Gen Z is a generation that wants to work less but enjoy what the baby boomers are enjoying not minding or forgetting that the baby boomers put in hard work for years.

Now there is competition on who owns the latest high-brand products between Gen Z. They seem to want to outperform themselves at all costs.

We are living in a generation where the pressure gets worse and people make habits of thinking about things that they shouldn’t even worry about_ things that will not improve their lives in any way.

Recently, I was speaking with a 19 yr old who was telling me that her biggest dream was to drive a Mercedes-Benz before 20.

I wasn’t surprised one bit because I have met countless of them and it’s the same story. They don’t like to work either.

Gone are the days when so many teens and teenagers want to fly high with  “A” school grades, now children are already thinking about how to live in big houses, drive big cars, and travel the world. 

I wonder what adults like us are supposed to be doing. If you’re in your thirties and you do not have any of these things, you’re considered old and useless. 

This is where Society has gotten all of us now. To become different and get yourself detached from this nonsense, you have to learn How to Be Happy With Less and be contented with what you have.

There is an immense peace with understanding contentment and actually feeling it. Being content with where you are in life while also striving to be better and molding your dream life consciously is a glorious, heavenly gift.

Putting yourself under tremendous pressure, hating your life, and working tirelessly like you will die the next day will not even get you the things you want but will take away the things you already have.

Pressure and anxiety overload will not multiply or give you the things that you are actually fighting to get.

You can only get the things you want when you work with conscious, calm precision, very strong goal-setting techniques, patience, and consistency.

You cannot pray things magically into your life, you cannot force things into your life, you cannot have the things that you do not deserve, you cannot own things you refuse to work for and you cannot have the things that you can’t maintain.

Dreams are valid. Your dream will always be valid but the process you take to make your dream come true is where validity could be nullified.

You shouldn’t lose the good things you need just because you are chasing what you think you want.

Understanding How to Be Happy With Less takes a lot of Life lessons and bad experiences. We should always be ready to learn from people’s experiences instead rather than from our own personal experiences, as they say, a wise man learns from others. Enough chitchat, let’s get to the point and find out How We Can Be Happy With Less.

How to Be Happy With Less

1. Redesign your life

How to Be Happy With Less

Find out the little things that make you happy.

One of the best strategies that will help you stay happy with less is to take your time to find out the things that make you genuinely happy. 

Everyone’s happy place differs. What makes me happy might not necessarily be what will make you happy.

What gives you genuine satisfaction and pure joy might be something very insignificant to another but that shouldn’t be your worry, you should feed on it as long as it is valid and unharmful to either you or anything else.


Understand your wants from needs.

If you cannot distinctively differentiate your needs from your wants, you will always feel the need to acquire more things that you don’t actually need.

Be a giver than a taker.

When you are more of a giver than a taker, you realize how owning and holding on to things seem very insignificant.

When you give more than you take, you simplify your life; make room for important things and you find happiness in even the tiniest things that people find insignificant.

Find a routine and a job you love.

How to Be Happy With Less

When you are not in a job that is choking you and depreciating your mental health, you realize you can work better even with low pay and be happy.

A calm, happy mind will not be looking for happiness in material things. A calm happy mind stays contented and needs less of the things pressure and anxiety provides.

2. Identify triggers

How to Be Happy With Less

If you want to be happy with less and be contented with what you have in your life, you need to identify triggers that are making you the opposite of what you actually want to be.

Your triggers might be from small things that you may pass off as insignificant to significant things that you may not have paid attention to.

Friends. One of the triggers could be your friends. Your friends may be the reason why you are always wanting more because they want more and they are Everly pressured to have more which makes you automatically with the same need.

Neighborhood. Where you live could become one of the biggest triggers that will make you anxious and very discontented with your life. 

To change your life, you need to change your neighborhood so you can have peace and be around people who share the same mindset as you.

Workplace. Your workplace might become one of the biggest triggers as your colleagues are most likely going to be acquiring things that you may not likely be able to afford.

At your workplace, you will find different types of colleagues; from those who want to show up and try to look like they’re better than you, to those who actually go into debt trying to look better and be better than everyone else.

Family members. Family members could be triggers robbing you off poorly and making you want more things that you don’t actually need. 

If these family members are unavoidable, you might want to sit them down and tell them your stands with life and the pace you’re willing to take while chasing your dream life.

3. Play on the good

How to Be Happy With Less

You will be under pressure to want more and not appreciate the things that you have when you only exaggerate the bad things in your life while downplaying the good.

Don’t dwell on the negatives. Every situation has a positive and a negative side. it is your responsibility to weigh both on a scale and find out how each affects you.

Be good to yourself.

How to Be Happy With Less

When you are happy and kind to yourself, you will learn how to appreciate yourself and you will find Little Things give you joy rather than when you hate yourself and your body and you feel material things can mitigate and replace the natural solace you should ordinarily find within.

These tips can help you learn How to Be Happy With Less and live peacefully with yourself while chasing your dream life with calm.

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