Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

3 Life Hacks to Help You Overcome Suicidal Thoughts And The Pains of Failure

This world is hardly a fair place but it will give you a fair chance to fight and make the most of it. Failure to find a balance leads to suicidal thoughts but here are 3 Life Hacks to Help You Overcome Suicidal Thoughts And The Pains of Failure.

Sometimes decisions we take in life take us into tunnels we do not want to travel.

In turn, we blame it on nature, blame it on luck, blame it on our parents, children, family members, and other people who were not even there when we made our poor decisions.

It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to make poor decisions, and it’s okay to not get it right even after the 10th trial.

It’s okay to continually fail at a business plan even when you execute everything right and still do not get it right.

It’s okay to fail at your first marriage, second marriage, at your third marriage with your fourth_ life is a trial and error loop that doesn’t end for some people because eventually, they get it right and they’ll get it better than those who never attempted to try or fail.

Life is beautiful! We appreciate it more when we see how much we can put into it and get out of it.

What is not okay is giving up, and having suicidal thoughts. It is not okay to continually embalm yourself with the pains and sorrows of rejections, of failures, of not getting it right or achieving the results you want.

Give yourself the fair chance to be different to get a different result, do not take it out on yourself. 

Here are seven hacks that will help you overcome suicidal thoughts and the pains of failure.

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3 Life Hacks to Help You Overcome Suicidal Thoughts And The Pains of Failure

3 Life Hacks to Help You Overcome Suicidal Thoughts And The Pains of Failure


Incapacitate yourself for a moment 

Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

You may have a sound body and a sound mind but it’s possible to fail to understand how much of a blessing that is until you incapacitate yourself for a moment.

To get the usefulness of your eyes, try to blindfold yourself for 5 minutes and walk around your house doing the chores that you do every day.

This will give you a feel of what it looks like to not have eyes, to live blind, to be blind, and worst- to be born blind and never see anything until you die. 

If it hasn’t hitten you right yet, incapacitate other parts of your body and do the same and then you realize how much of a blessing you carry every day on your body that money cannot even buy.

Hack 2

What can you trade for money or success or an ephemeral jolt of happiness?

Overcome the pains of failure

Have you wondered what you are ready to trade to get what you want?

If you were given everything you want in the world, with a condition that you live just a few days, will you accept?

Can you trade success with cancer? Can you trade money with your eyesight? 

Can you trade happiness with your family or children? Can you trade whatever you desperately want right now with the things you already have that money cannot buy?

It is possible to hate the life that you live right now but do you know that they are people who have kidney failures, who are damn sick but they have what you want and they are ready to exchange whatever they have with what you have been given free of charge?

To make the most of this hack, visit hospitals, visit diagnostic centers where sicknesses founded/unfounded are being treated, and see people like yourself; who you’re not better than_ fighting for their lives every single day. And funny enough, you will still find smiles on their faces.

So I ask you, what is it that you want? Ask yourself, what can you trade to have the things that you want right now?

Hack 3

Sit with a homeless person on the street

Overcome Suicidal Thoughts

Have you ever sat homeless in a random place or with a homeless person and got a glimpse of the world through their eyes?

Have you tried 101 chit-chats with a homeless person and then realise how deep and unfair life can be?

How people lived their lives in one moment full of everything they want and another, they lose everything including the right to live!

On one of my most depressing days, I sat with a homeless person. I didn’t know what made me want to sit and talk_ perhaps it was the way she looked at me or the smile she gave with the stiff flap of her hands (a failed attempt at a “hi” wave) 

I just stalked and sat and I started talking. At first, she didn’t want to talk but when she realized I came depressed, lost & harmless, she opened up and started talking too.

She told me how she started a company that grew in the manner of months and how she fell in love with a man who had nothing and who in turn, played her and sold everything she had including the house she was living in, and left her homeless.

She told me she never had anyone in her life, she grew up and met herself on the street, and from the street, she did all manner of jobs just to find comfort and a place to put her head and eventually, she was able to push through and grow a business that gave her the ability to find a house to stay and live.

It came crashing down when she fell in love with someone who used to be in her place and she wanted to help but it came at a price and a cost because she trusted the wrong person.

She gave her heart to someone who didn’t mean well to her and that brought her back to where she was in her childhood days.

It was a touching story. I cried for hours. I couldn’t stop crying. Every part of her story came with so many emotions that could crumble any heart. I thought life was unfair to me until I heard that story and that shook every fiber of my being and forced me to have an attitude of gratitude even on days when it is the least felt emotion.

If you feel suicidal, if you feel lost, angry, bitter, or pained; try these hacks to Overcome Suicidal Thoughts and see how much relief you find even from places you feel there’s nothing to feel relief from. 

Rooting for you babe! (hugs)

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