20 Signs Of Burnout At Work

20 Signs Of Burnout At Work (oops…Pipes down!)

Hey there, fellow work warriors! Today, let’s talk about a topic that hits close to home for many of us: work burnout. You know, that feeling when you’re running on empty and every day feels like a never-ending cycle of stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm?

Yeah, that’s the one. So, grab your favorite cup of coffee (or tea, if that’s more your vibe), and let’s dive into the 20 telltale signs that you might be experiencing burnout at work.

Burnout At Work can arise from a number of reasons; maybe you’re working in a toxic workplace or you forget how to have a schedule because you work from home and you put unbelievable pressure on yourself to meet unbelievable deadlines.

If your case is a toxic workplace, then read this article on how to survive in a toxic workplace until you can find yourself somewhere better and safe.

20 Signs Of Burnout At Work

1. Coffee is your BFF

If you’re downing cups of coffee faster than your printer spits out documents, it might be a sign that you’re relying on caffeine to keep you going. And if you’re relying on coffee to keep you going, it means you’re not able to get anything done except you have drunk cups and cups of coffee that will still not help you get better or make you more productive.

2. Zombie mode

20 Signs Of Burnout At Work

Remember the last time you had a good night’s sleep? Yeah, me neither. If you’re more zombie than human, with dark circles under your eyes and a constant urge to nap, burnout might be lurking.

If your work cannot allow you decent hours of sleep every day, it means you are definitely heading to burnout or burnout already.

3. Hello, snooze button

Remember when waking up was as easy as pressing a button? Now, pressing the snooze button feels like an Olympic sport. Burnout can make even the coziest bed seem like a cruel punishment.

4. Deadline drama

20 Signs Of Burnout At Work

Procrastination was once your middle name, but now, deadlines feel like an endless cycle of doom. If you find yourself constantly racing against the clock, stress levels soaring, it’s time to watch out for burnout.

There’s nothing more dramatic than deadlines. I mean, they make you go crazy quicker than you want. When you are headed to burnout, dramas, and deadlines will be everything you understand.

5. Counting down the days

You used to be excited about the weekends, but now you’re practically living for them. If your weekdays feel like torture, and you’re just trying to survive until Friday, burnout may be casting a dark cloud over your work life.

6. Joy has flown out of the building

Remember when you used to feel passionate and excited about your job? Remember when you were so excited about landing this six-figure job? how you can’t contain yourself? How you put out all your dresses set out for the week and next week…but now? What now?

If that spark has vanished, and you’re left feeling indifferent or even resentful, it’s a major red flag.

7. Emotions on Overdrive

One moment you’re tearing up over a cat video, and the next, you’re raging over a paper jam. If your emotions are all over the place, burnout might be messing with your emotional stability.

8. The great escape

You find yourself daydreaming about quitting your job, moving to a remote island, and starting a goat yoga business. If escape plans fill your mind more often than work tasks, it’s time to address burnout.

9. The social hermit

20 Signs Of Burnout At Work

Coworker hangouts used to be your jam, but now you’d rather hide under your desk than engage in small talk. If socializing feels exhausting, burnout might be turning you into a hermit.

10. Zero Motivation

Remember when you were bursting with ideas and motivation? Now, it feels like your inspiration has taken an extended vacation to Tahiti. If you can’t seem to muster up any enthusiasm, burnout might be to blame.

11. Physical warning signs

Headaches, back pain, and stomach troubles, oh my! Your body might be sending out SOS signals, warning you that burnout is taking a toll on your physical health.

12. Pessimism overload

Negative thoughts invade your mind like an unwelcome guest at a party. If you find yourself constantly dwelling on the worst-case scenarios, burnout might be skewing your perspective.

13. Lack of focus

It feels like your attention span is shorter than a TikTok video. If you struggle to concentrate on tasks and find your mind wandering off constantly, it’s a sign that burnout has stolen your focus.

14. Routine rebellion

Remember when you were a master of organization and productivity? Now, sticking to a routine feels like trying to catch a greased pig. Burnout loves to disrupt your once-solid habits.

15. Energy drain

20 Signs Of Burnout At Work

Your energy levels are running so low that even the thought of attending a team meeting makes you want to crawl back into bed. If you feel constantly drained and lacking in energy, burnout might be draining the life out of you.

16. Work-life imbalance

Once upon a time, work and personal life had a healthy balance. Now, it feels like work is taking over every aspect of your existence. If your personal life is fading into the background, burnout is likely the culprit.

17. Forgetful frenzy

Your brain has turned into a sieve, and you can’t seem to remember the simplest things. If you find yourself forgetting deadlines, meetings, or even your own name, burnout is messing with your memory.

18. Isolation Island

You’ve built a fort out of paperwork and office supplies, effectively barricading yourself from any social interaction. If you’re isolating yourself from colleagues and loved ones, it’s time to address burnout’s influence.

19. Creative blockage

20 Signs Of Burnout At Work

Your once-bountiful ideas have dried up like a neglected plant. If creativity feels like a distant memory, and you’re struggling to come up with fresh perspectives, burnout is stifling your creative flow.

20. Guilt trip central

Whether you take a break or call in sick, guilt slaps you in the face like a wet dishcloth. If you’re constantly feeling guilty for prioritizing self-care, it’s a clear sign that burnout has taken control.

Now that we’ve uncovered these 20 Signs Of Burnout At Work, take a moment to reflect on your own work situation. If any of these resonate with you, it’s crucial to prioritize your well-being and seek support. Remember, you’re not alone in this battle against burnout, and there are resources available to help you reclaim your work-life balance.

So, my friends, let’s raise a virtual toast to self-care, healthy boundaries, and finding joy in our work once again. It’s time to kick burnout to the curb and reclaim our passion for what we do. Cheers!

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